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Plinth shown with chair, grip bars, stool, conductor's stool and ladder.

Plinth's legs can be made with an "adjustable feature". This adjustable leg will give you several inches of height difference. Risers can also be made (if preferred). Add $40 for adjustable legs or leg risers.



The central piece of CE furniture.. Made out of Ozark Red Oak. Plinths are 30" wide by 70" long. Roughly 20" tall. Precatalyzed lacquer covers a vinyl sealer to provide a very durable long lasting finish. At our local school there are furniture pieces that have been washed every school day for the last 4 years with a bleach solution and the finish is still holding up.

Shown with a grip bar, conductor's stool and a ladderback chair.

Plinth $375

Half Plinth

These Half Plinths (35 long X 30 wide) are a bit more friendly to limited spaces such as public school classrooms or at home. The work surface displayed in this picture is a dry erase board. The vertical handholds work well for some, others prefer to use a longer, diagonally placed horizontal bar.

Shown with a dry erase board work surface and ladderback chair.

Half Plinth $295
Dry Erase Board Work Surface $80


Grip Bar for Plinth


Set of 3 $90.

Can be purchased individually.



Pommels fit the adjustable stools and are occasionally used with a plinth. Made of solid wood, they are sometimes wrapped with a soft, foam, cushiony material. All have spring-loaded fasteners for quick-and-easy on and off (free from any fumbling under the stool with knobs or nuts). Notice the placement of the fastener   it's off-center to allow some front to back adjustment. Pommels are customized for each child's needs (height, width, length and angle).

Pommels range in price from $40.00-$60.00.

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