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Wall Bars

Wall Bars

Solid Ozark red oak construction. Bars are 6'4" tall. Wall bars are made in 2' wide sections for easier shipping.

Displayed at the left is an 8' wide multi-colored wall bar.


2' Section Natural


Wall Accessories

Potty Helper Handrail

These are built  to fit various places. Right or left mount.





Wall Rack

Shaker type hanging bars for coats, lunches etc. They are built special for various needs and places.

Ask about pricing.





4' Wall Handrail $80
Also designed priced to order.




Dry Erase Boards with Handrail


These are usually made to fit specific places and therefore vary as to size and price. We price them when ordered based on the size required. Notice that the handrail is height adjustable.





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