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Walking Ladder

Crafted of solid Ozark Red Oak hardwood. They see daily hard use and still not a hint of becoming rickety. Walking Ladders are made with removable feet for easy transporting.


Ladder Seat

Add versatility to your classroom. Can be used for seating or small work area.


(We  also make a potty chair to fit the ladders. )

Footrest Sets

Interlocking Footrest Set (3)

These nested footrest of Ozark Red Oak and Baltic Birch provide just the right height for aiding developing students. They can be used individually or in combination to achieve various heights.





Ankle Trainers

Ankle Trainers

Ankle Trainers encourage good foot posture. They are used primarily in the seated position, i.e. in front of a stool or chair. Notice some are pictured with an attached aluminum channel. These have been very helpful to eliminate or at least lessen their being “kicked out” away from the stool/chair. The purple, anti-slip material on the bottom helps to reduce “kick-out”.





Can be used for balancing and/or scooting.

Four foot section: $80.



Multi-use box used for seating.



Stools and Seats

Adjustable Stool

Adjusts to three heights. Small stool  (pictured) adjusts from    7”-10”. Larger stool adjusts from 12” to 15”. Solid Ozark Red Oak construction. This design provides both stability and a number of places for handholds.

Small $100

Large $130


Conductor's Stool

Save  your conductor’s back. 16" by 16” by 12” tall.



Solid Ozark Red Oak chairs, they are lap jointed and reinforced with #10 2” steel screws. The seats are made of ˝” Baltic birch plywood. They are put together to stay.

Click image at left to see 3 sizes available.

Small $130
Medium $140
Large $150

Adjustable Height Chair

The Adjustable Height Chair allows for growth and flexibility in schools. Larger chairs such as this one are sometimes used in the place of a walking ladder because they offer both seating and walking support. They are sometimes easier to maneuver through the doorways and halls of private homes.

The chair pictured at left was special ordered with slats on the seat. Any chair can be ordered adjustable for an additional $45.

Click here to see 3 chair sizes available.

Adjustable Height Chair $175 (small)


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