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If you haven't researched it you may be wondering what is conductive education? Conductive Education addresses a child's development physically, socially,  emotionally, and their communication and language skills so that a child with motor disorders may become functionally independent and self-sufficient. Founded in Hungary over 60 years ago, it is based on the premise that a child who has a motor disorder does not have a medical condition requiring treatment, but rather a problem of learning requiring education. This is why conductive education considers the child as a whole rather than treating individual symptoms.

You'll find conductive education applied to the needs of children whose motor disorders originated from damage to the central nervous system, such as Cerebral Palsy and Spinal Bifida. A conductor works one on one with children using special exercises and tools (furniture being a vital tool) to teach a person how to use their motor skills and much more.

Here are links you may find useful if you're searching for a conductive education school in your area or are just researching in general. If you know of a site that would be helpful to others please let us know by emailing it to us at ...  

Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Burlingame, California
Conway, Arkansas
Springdale, Arkansas                                   
Texas - Wiggles Children's Rehab


Useful Information
Ability Camp
Beginning Steps to Independence, Inc.
Cashmere Highschool, New Zealand
Conductive Education Org
Inter-American Conductive Education Association
International Peto Institute
Kids Force
Sandhills Conductive Education Foundation




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