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Your custom orders are most welcome. Many of the orders filled by Conductive Education Furniture USA are custom designs to fill a special need. When you order through us you will learn that custom isn't synonymous with hugely expensive. Fulfilling your needs means designing furniture that perfectly functions to help your children and meets your budget. Here are a couple examples of designs that were made to fill a special need in conductive education schools. Towards the bottom of this page are examples of designs invented for home usage...

Ankle Trainers (Please see more info about ankle trainers on the Furniture page)

Pommels offer good hand-holds (Please see the furniture pages for more information)

Spoon and Marker Holders


This bed has enabled a little girl (about 12 yrs old) to sit up from a prone position unassisted for the FIRST time! We think it will soon be achievable for her to learn to access her wheel chair unassisted. The horizontal handhold on the ladder is balanced so as to remain either in the up or down position. The foot of the bed is made with horizontal dowels – they are functional for exercise. I made the full length mirror pictured in another closeup so she can observe herself as she uses the bars. The “ladder” at the head of the bed swings away. The knob on the ladder works a spring loaded catch that holds it to the side of the bed.

The dry erase board in this child's bedroom is just for fun. The hand bar is adjustable (height). She can use it either standing or seated on the floor. We thought that it would encourage standing.

Here's a work area designed for a child's bedroom. Notice this work ledge has handholds built into it. When they set up her computer I will make additional handholds if needed.




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